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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 Mommy Bloggers Who Prove You Can Do Anything


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While the term “mommy blogger” may not sound terribly professional, the truth is that plenty of women have made a respectable living out of sharing their experiences on the internet. In fact, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 mommy bloggers right now who have turned their hobby into a profitable career.

When deciding which mommy bloggers to highlight, we wanted to call out women who embody drive and success. Everyone on this list has proven just how valuable determination and hard work really are. So if you’ve ever thought about pursuing your passion but weren’t sure if you could make it, hopefully this list will give you a little bit of inspiration to follow your dreams.

1. Caryn Bailey

How She Got Started: Originally set up in 2007, Caryn designed Rockin’ Mama as a modern lifestyle blog to guide and support eager young moms. She built her audience by being direct and honest in her experiences with pregnancy and the fears she had about becoming a new parent.

What She’s Doing Now: Today Rockin’ Mama is still going strong. Caryn has even managed to expand her original blog’s offerings into a whole host of fun guides and unique recipes that any mom can read and use.

2. Gabrielle Blair

How She Got Started: If anyone embodies the “follow your dreams” philosophy, it would absolutely be Gabrielle Blair. Since starting her blog Design Mom in 2006, Gabrielle has been on the lookout for new ways to expand her horizons and push the limits of her family’s experiences. As a testament to her bold outlook on life, she rounded up her six kids and moved them to France just to prove she could.

What She’s Doing Now: Gabrielle’s blog is still as popular as ever, although she has since moved from France to California. If you’re interested in some unique design tips for your home, feel free to visit her blog and see what has made her brand so enduring over the years.

3. Jennifer Borget

How She Got Started: Although originally a news reporter, Jennifer Borget has since transitioned into a successful mommy blogger thanks to her work on Baby Making Machine. Through this blog, Jennifer encourages women to take control of their dreams and follow their passion wherever it might lead them.

What She’s Doing Now: If you’re looking for some inspiration to build a legacy, then you’ll want to devote a few hours to consuming everything that Jennifer’s written. You might be there for a while, but you can trust us when we say it’s worth it.

4. Ashley Ann Campbell

How She Got Started: Ashley Ann Campbell first set up Under the Sycamore in 2008 as a way to share her writing and photography. It has since evolved into the successful mommy blog that it’s now known for.

What She’s Doing Now: Ashley maintains her blog to this day, helping families express their individuality and embrace their uniqueness.

5. Laura Clark

How She Got Started: Based out of Los Angeles, Laura’s deeply personal stories on LA Story have helped her become wildly popular on a number of websites, including pieces that have appeared on and Variety.

What She’s Doing Now: Laura has turned her blog into an exploration of not just motherhood, but also of Los Angeles. As she and her family find cool things to do in the city, you can expect them to appear on her blog not too long afterwards.

6. Kimberley Clayton Blaine

How She Got Started: Kimberley Blaine set up The Go-To Mom as a helpful guide for new and would-be mothers. It has since served as an excellent resource for anyone interested in mindfulness and spiritual exploration.

What She’s Doing Now: Kimberley’s successful mommy blog has afforded her numerous opportunities, including book signings and guest appearances on television.

7. Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald

How They Got Started: This one is a little unique in that the mommy blog is actually more of a mommies blog. Originally set up by Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald, MomsLA has evolved into something more than just a blog.

What They are Doing Now: MomsLA has brought in guest writers to flesh out content on the main site. It continues to be a great resource for moms interested in new activities and sites to take their kids.

8. Naomi Davis

How She Got Started: Naomi got her start blogging when she and her family were just beginning their journey. After numerous back-and-forth moves across the country—all well-documented of course—we’ve come to feel like a silent part of Naomi’s family.

What She’s Doing Now: Love Taza has evolved from a blog about raising a family into one about general New York life. Even with a slight content shift, it’s still as beautifully photographed as ever.

9. Chelsea Day

How She Got Started: Chelsea started her blog, Someday I’ll Learn, by infusing each of her posts with her infectious sense of humor and providing real value to her audience.

What She’s Doing Now: That commitment to quality has paid off. Chelsea’s blog has made appearances on numerous television channels, including Fox and CNN.

10. Amber Dusick

How She Got Started: Amber started her blog, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, as an innocent and fun exercise in chronicling her family’s adventures. Thanks to her comedic instincts and hilariously poor drawings, it has become something much more.

What She’s Doing Now: Amber was able to translate her success as a blogger into success as a writer with her very own book available for sale. If you’ve ever wondered how you could parlay your success as an internet blogger into something worth money, then you’ll definitely want to study Amber and everything she did to become the mommy blogger she is today.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a technical genius to start making enjoyable content on the internet. Whether you’re a master wordsmith or just someone with unique insight, there’s something for everyone to do online. Of course, following your dreams is about more than just chasing after an idea: you need to have a passion for what you’re doing. Hopefully, you’ll find this list as a comforting reminder that no one has the perfect answer for what to do with their life. It’s really up to you to decide what direction you want to take, and as these women have shown, that’s kind of the beauty of it.


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