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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10 Simple Tips for Healthy Aging


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In a society obsessed with staying young, even the best of us sometimes forget the finer qualities of growing old—and that it happens to every single one of us.

Thankfully, Healthy Aging Month, is here. This, annual September holiday celebrates the positive aspects of aging and also promotes all the ways that adults ages 50 and up can improve their physical, mental, social, and financial well-being.

Even if you’re still a spring chicken, this holiday really is for all of us. No matter how young you are, it’s never too early to think about healthy living as well as living your life to its fullest. To help you do both, here are ten healthy tips to keep in mind as the years pass by:

1. Keep moving

It’s probably not surprising that people who exercise regularly also stay healthy as they age. Exercising is great for every part of your body, including your mind and your emotional health, so try to get moving at least three times every week, even if your exercise is just an easy-going walk in the park.

2. Reach for the spices

Aging can often dull the taste buds, but before you smother your food in salt, sugar, or fatty butter, reach for herbs and spices first. Aside from having a very low calorie count, spices will add a new zest to your food without compromising your health. Plus spices like cinnamon come with all kinds of incredible health benefits. Food for thought.

3. Take care of your smile

Seeing your dentist regularly and keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful will do wonders for you as you age. Your dental health affects not only your overall health, but also your confidence. That smile is the first thing people notice about you, and studies have actually found that people who smile often are both happier and healthier.

4. Take care of YOU

Once you’ve paid your dentist a visit, maybe it’s time to get in to see your doctor. Are you having aches or pains lately? Have you been feeling blue for a while? Now’s the time to give your physical and mental health some attention to make sure your basic needs are being met. And while we’re on this subject: get more sleep. If you’re consistently having trouble sleeping through the night, talk to your doctor.

5. Stand up straight

Back problems are a very common ailment of old age, so do what you can now to straighten your spine and hold your head high. It will make you feel and look more confident and also eliminate unnecessary pressure on your neck. Consider seeing a chiropractor to tune up your backbone, and try to limit how many hours a day you spend sitting.

6. Spend time in nature

There are countless studies on the positive effects of nature on the human body and spirit, so take advantage of the outdoors. Exercise outside whenever possible. Take time to meditate and go on hikes near your area. Swim in natural bodies of water. Take your dog on a long scenic walk. Whatever excuse you can come up with to get outside is a great one.

7. Fill your life with positivity

Sometimes the healthiest thing you could possibly do is to stop complaining. Try to be positive about your life and positive in conversations blog-agingwithgoodpeoplewith others. If negative, self-destructive thoughts are creeping into your mind, banish them and focus on your good qualities and blessings. Gratitude is one of the primary ingredients to a happy life.

8. Spend time with great people

And speaking of positivity, this also applies to choosing friends. Seek out great friends who make you feel and act like your best self. Life is too short to be spending it with people who don’t make you feel great, so strive to build meaningful relationships with kind, inspiring people who build you up, not toxic, brooding people who will tear you down.

9. Keep trying new things

The easiest way to get in a rut and feel like you’re not doing anything with your life is to fall into a stagnant routine. As you age, always remember to indulge your curiosity and continue doing things that are new and maybe a little scary. It doesn’t matter if this is traveling the world, eating new foods, learning new hobbies, or seeking out service opportunities, just try something you’ve never done before that sounds interesting to you.

10. Take nutritional supplements

Day-to-day life puts natural stress on the body, but one great way to combat this stress is by taking vitamins and minerals. Supplements can also make up for any vitamin deficiencies in your body, such as being low on calcium or iron. If you’re looking for something to keep your body running in top condition, consider taking Protandim or other supplements that assist with healthy aging.

To read more about Healthy Aging Month and ways you can improve your adult life, check out for more ideas and articles like this one.

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