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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eat This, Not That: Party Edition


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Most parties are about two things: socializing with friends and eating delicious food. Unfortunately, most party foods are loaded with calories. Things like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, nachos, potato chips, popcorn, guacamole, and soda are the typical party fare. While these foods are definitely crowd-pleasers, they are not the best foods to indulge in when watching your weight.

Luckily we’ve pulled together some healthy substitutions that you can snack on during the party without throwing your weight loss efforts out the door.



Swap out the heavy dips and spreads with hummus. Not only is it a more nutritious snack option, it is a delicious topper on most foods. To keep your calories low, stick with veggies as your dipper. Want to make your own hummus? Here is a recipe that can be made in just five minutes!

5-Minute Hummus


Image by Ditte Isager via REAL SIMPLE


Guacamole is a snack that you can feel free to indulge in at your party. Keep in mind that the avocados used to make guacamole are higher in fat and thus, are higher calorie; so, be sure to eat this delicious dip in moderation. Try using sliced peppers as your dipper to save yourself some calories. Looking for a good recipe? We’ve got you covered.

The Best Guacamole


Image by Gina Homolka via Skinny Taste

Roasted Chickpeas

Doritos, Fritos, Tostitos…the list goes on when it comes to chips found at a party. Though chips are a tasty snack, the calories can add up fast after just a few handfuls. A healthier alternative—roasted chickpeas. They are lower in fat, higher in fiber and can taste just about any way you want them to. Check out this spicy roasted chickpeas recipe for a delicious, crunchy snack.

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas


Image by Nicole Perry via POPSUGAR

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

Another great healthy dip alternative is peanut butter yogurt dip. Why? Because it’s packed with protein and can be eaten with fruit. Doesn’t get much better! Here is an easy, 3-ingredient recipe.

3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip


Image by Natalie via Life Made Simple

Sweet Potato Chips

Not ready to give up chips? Try baked sweet potato chips. Full of fiber and packed with vitamins and minerals, oven-roasted sweet potato chips are the perfect substitute for regular potato chips.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips


Image by Sommer at A Spicy Perspective

Kale Chips

Feeling adventurous? Try kale chips. They offer a lighter, crispier texture and with such a subtle flavor profile, can easily be made to taste like your favorite potato chips.

Crispy Kale Chips


Image by Meg van der Kruik via Beard & Bonnet

Main Dishes

Cucumber Roll Ups

Sandwiches are often doused with loads of dressing, usually as a result of the unnecessary amount of bread that’s used to wrap all of the sandwich fillings. An easy way to cut out a few calories? Get rid of the bread and use only enough dressing to add a bit of flavor to the sandwich. Check out these cucumber roll ups which use sliced cucumber to hold in the delicious fillings.

Pesto & Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups


Image by Monique via Ambitious Kitchen

Turkey Chili

Chili is not only healthy, but is also one of the easiest things to make and serve at a party. Throw all of the ingredients into a crock pot and a few hours later, you’ve got a hearty meal that your guests can enjoy whenever they are ready to eat. Here is a tasty recipe using ground turkey instead of ground beef.

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili


Image by Maria via Two Peas and Their Pod

Chicken Skewers

Chicken wings are delicious, especially the deep-fried type served alongside some ranch or blue cheese dressing. But with each wing coming out at about 90 calories, it’s easy to over-do it. Check out these delicious Greek-style chicken skewers. We promise, they won’t let you down.

Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce


Image by Danae via Recipe Runner

Turkey Burger Sliders

Cheeseburgers, mushroom burgers, bacon burgers… the list goes on. Burgers are a party favorite, and for good reason. Not only are they easy to throw together, they can be individualized to accommodate each person’s taste preferences. The only problem is all those toppings you put on your burger and that buttery, croissant-like bun aren’t free of calories. To cut back a few calories, choose toppings of the vegetable sort and go for either lean ground beef or ground turkey for the burger patty. Here is a great recipe for turkey burger sliders—the mini version of a regular burger.

Ultimate Turkey Burger Sliders


Image by Danielle Green via The Creative Bite


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Most parties you go to will likely have a variety of desserts to choose from. For those of you watching your weight, fruit is a good dessert option. It’s gives you sweetness as well as a wide variety of nutrients that you won’t find in that chocolate cupcake. Not ready to give up chocolate? Try chocolate covered fruit, like strawberries, bananas or even pineapple. Don’t think you’ll find these at your upcoming party? Bring your own. Here is a recipe for chocolate covered strawberries that will be sure to please your taste buds.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Image by Tori via Tori Avey

Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mix is another healthy dessert option. Pair dark chocolate, dried fruit and a variety of nuts together for the perfect sweet and salty treat. But remember, nuts are higher in fat; so just like you do with other desserts, eat this delectable treat in moderation. Check out this guide on how to build a healthy trail mix.

Homemade Trail Mix


Image by Davida via The Healthy Maven

Chocolate Bark

What’s better than a good piece of chocolate? A piece of chocolate that is lightly salted and covered in pistachios. And if you are lucky enough to find this at your next party, feel free to indulge! If you think about it, it’s just another version of homemade trail mix. Here is a quick and easy recipe if you want to try making it yourself.

3-Ingredient Salted Pistachio Chocolate Bark


Image by Krista via Joyful Healthy Eats

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